Have you ever wondered what drives someone to track kiwis in the rain, chase lions up trees or jump on dugongs? Or with so many different species, why it matters if a few of them go the way of the Dodo? Well wonder no more! Join Gabe and Alex as they chat to different conservationists and ask them the big questions: Why does this species matter? What has been their best and worst day? And what about these creatures makes deadly risk, soggy clothes, and awkward bathroom situations worth it?

Latest shows

  • THE AUSTRALIAN MOUSE THAT BECAME "UN-EXTINCT" w/ evolutionary biologist Dr Emily Roycroft

  • THE TINY TRUFFLE-LOVING MARSUPIAL w/ wildlife ecologist & educator Caitlin Weatherstone

  • RETURN OF THE KIWI w/ adventurer & biodiversity ranger Denis Stojanovic

  • MAJOR UPDATE ON OUR FAVOURITE AUSSIE SONGBIRDS w/ regent honeyeater ecologist & conservationist Dr Ross Crates

  • I WONDER WHAT'S HAPPENED WITH THOSE COCKATOOS FROM EPISODE 1? w/ glossy black cockatoo ecologist and conservationist Dr Daniella Teixeira

  • CATCHING CARBON TO SAVE LIONS w/ ecologist & Koobi founder Dr James Allan

  • THE SUPER SPEEDY SPERM OF NEW ZEALAND'S LIZARD THAT ISN'T ACTUALLY A LIZARD w/ tuatara reproduction biologist & PhD Candidate Sarah Lamar

  • BONUS: Diversifying shark science

  • STRESSED-OUT HAMMERHEADS w/ shark researcher & marine biology student Deborah Santos de Azevedo

  • BONUS: Tracking a manta ray down a highway

  • A MANTA RAY OF HOPE w/ marine biologist & manta conservationist Asia Haines

  • THE WONDERFUL THING ABOUT TIGERS w/ big cat researcher & statistical ecologist Dr Arjun Gopalaswamy

  • HOUSE HUNTING FOR ENDANGERED LIZARDS w/ conservationist & reptile ecologist Holly Bradley

  • BONUS: Meeting New Zealand's kinkiest kakapo

  • THE MYSTERY OF BUTTERFLY MIGRATION w/ insect conservationist & photographer Shawan Chowdhury

  • LIFE IS A FLYWAY w/ conservation professor & shorebird ecologist Prof. Richard Fuller

  • THE ENDANGERED SONGBIRD THAT'S LOSING IT'S SONG w/ bird ecologist & conservationist Dr Ross Crates

  • TURTLEY OBSESSED w/ ocean activist & marine biologist Melissa Staines

  • KRAFTY KIWIS w/ adventurer & biodiversity ranger Denis Stojanovic

  • THE LAST TREE-CLIMBING LIONS w/ big cat researcher & filmmaker Dr Alexander Braczkowski

  • FIRE & FEATHERS w/ ornithologist & Breaking Boundaries star Dr Daniella Teixeira

  • Pilot: Testing One Two Three

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